Man Overboard


All the woe-begotten, joy-besotted


Wait for him

And what he wants

When he wants it


She is not about to find him

In the archives

Where the history of the world

Hides behind him

And the women who could never

Possess or unwind him

Make a play to be what defined him


They are not of consequence


All the faith-forsaken, overtaken


Wait for him

Where the future sits

In its bits and pieces


She is keen to see what time


From the dungeons

Where the history of a man

Comes and bludgeons


And the visions that could never

Cast him asunder

Make a play to be what becomes under—


The way she wishes it would


The way it never could


It had been done



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Love’s Orbit


As you turn

Toward and around

Each other

You are star and sun

Spinning circles of bright wonder

Over and under

The dark space of time


Where there is no one else

In the emptiness

You burn for each other


In a dance you can’t rehearse

You spin galaxies together

For better and for worse

You are now your own universe


Love has a fierce and perfect orbit

Once you enter

Whatever circles

Must come from the center

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